My Thanksgiving + a venezuelan food!

4 years ago

I hope you guys had a wonderful & blessed thanksgiving! This thanksgiving was a little different from previous years but it was still a great one!! We celebrated it at my house so we did the cooking. My sister made the pork shoulder, my mom made the rice & beans, i made the stuffing, my sister also made a salad (not pictured) and we did a special venezuelan dish that`s usually only made during the christmas season. They`re called hallacas (or hayacas)!! It`s sort of like a tamale or pastel but made with more toppings and in a much different way. There`s a lot of steps for me to write & explain but i will tell you all what goes into them!! :) Cornmeal (arina PAN), 3 different meats (chicken, pork & beef) go into a stew that we add inside, along with olives, capers, raisins, onion, green peppers. That`s what we put in them but you can also include potatos, carrots, ham, eggs, and all other kinds of toppings! After all the ingredients are together, you have to wrap them in a plantain leaf, tie them so everything doesnt come apart (i actually tied them all!) and boil them. The hallacas are about the size of a womans hand, it`s typical for venezuelans to make anywhere from 100+ at one time, so that there`s enough for the whole family and to eat later. After they cool down from being boiled, you can freeze them and take as many as you need when you want, reboil them & they`ll taste the same! We made about 50-60 + we made about 30 bollos which are made with the leftover cornmeal, the stew liquid and leftover toppings. If you have them by theirself you will probably be able to eat about 2, maybe 3. They fill you up nicely and are pretty much a full meal in one!! :d

-Do you have any special traditions or dishes?

**Picchas are mine, please do not take!

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