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5 years ago

I love tattoos! Unfortunately, I am too broke (Not really...I just buy too much makeup!) to get them more often. I currently only have 2 :( But, I figured why not share anyways?

The first tattoo I got, my 2.5 inch solid black treble clef on my left wrist, I got when I was 17....whoops! I got this 2 Christmas`s ago when my boyfriend took me down to Indiana. A friend of his who is an amateur tattoo artist did this for me for $ his kitchen. OH, AMANDA. What on earth were you thinking? Anyways. I had been wanting a treble clef tattoo for years. I was in several choirs and singing groups growing up. Three in my senior year alone. Some were show choirs, some for competitions, audition-only, chamber, etc. Obviously I had a deep love for singing. And yes, getting it underage was also a big, rebellious "F-You" to my parents at the time. I don`t regret getting it though, I love it and what it stands for to me. Also getting it done with my boyfriend brings back good times. However, I need to get this touched up, BADLY. Trust me, I know. It looked awesome when I got it done. Two weeks later, I ruined it. I was putting Neosporin on it instead of lotion, and only then did one of my friend mention that that was a big no-no, since it sucks the ink out of your skin. Now, I have a gray, blotchy treble clef. Oh well, I`ll get it touched up eventually lol!

My second tattoo, this marvelously colorful owl I got on my right foot, I actually got at a legal age. I got it done 5 days after my 18th birthday, at a tattoo shop this time! I have a deep love for owls (Long story of why, but long story short, it traces back to my great-grandmother). This particular owl, is a design done by none other than the amazing Betsey Johnson. If anyone really knows me, they know of my deep BJ obsession! This one was perfect. This isn`t exactly exactly like her design, I had to take out some of the details that were too small for tattoo, but the outline and color are the exact same. (See her design, here: And just a warning, this took three hours and hurt like a bitch.

*Photos are MINE.

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