My take on the Chocolate Mug cake

Awhile ago, here on Luuux I saw a post about the "3 min chocolate MugCake" and I tried it. It was a major fail! it came out hard rock and burnt.. total disaster. But I didn`t gave up and yesterday I found another recipe online and I decided to try again because why not? And, success :-D it tasted like slightly like brownies. As you can see in the pic it is super airy too! The difference between this new recipe is that it doesn`t have egg. A cake without egg sounds weird but, it passed my test!!
If you want to make it you`ll just need to mix 2 tbsp of flour, 2tbsp of sugar, 2tbsp of cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp. baking powder with 2 tbsp of milk, a bit of vanilla and 1tbsp of oil. Thats it! then you turn the mix into a mug (spray it with non-stick cooking spray before!) and microwave for 60 seconds only!
Now some tips. If you`re very hungry and you decide to make this recipe x2 microwave for 1.30min instead of 2. The second time I did this I added almonds but once it was baked, I ate it with a fork so it didn`t make much difference. And last but not least.. take care when you remove the mug because its VERY hot, you don`t want to burn!
Very dangerous discovery for many of us that are trying to lose lbs gained in holidays but definitely worth a try.
*picture is mine*

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