My Summer Top 5

4 years ago

Hi guys! - (sorry for my bad English )

So here are my Top 5 for Summer :) and some tips :)

1. my favorite fragrance for summer evening is "Elite Moldels - Paris Baby"- I feel like I`m in Paris :)
I love it sooooo much. I have the all collection of elit model fragrances ( it will be in next post :))
It`s almost as you can see I really use it :)
I never use any perfume when I go to beach because it`s not healthy for my skin. It can cause sunburn if your skin is sensitive.

2. Garnier- B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector
For my skin it`s a little bit oil..but I mix it with my Anti- Pickel Mattifying CadeaVera lotion and it works PERFECT! who has a dry skin ( like my BFF) they can use it without anything else :)

3. Astor Volume Diva Waterproof Mascara- IT`S REALY WATERPROOF- I swimmed all day and it stayed on my from then I use only this one!!!! :) and I love the design too.

4. Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm of course :)
Yes I know it doesn`t have any UV protection...but still it work for me. My lips are always dry...i hate it...but Carmex helps :)

5. my secret weapon :) Artdeco Eyeshadow Base...
I use it on every spot on my face were I need "the refreshing" :) like dark circles under my eyes. :)
I use it like a base ( little trick) for some spots on my face. And it stays on my skin for almost 12 hours.

My skin is very oily so I must be careful with my makeup. On summer it gets down from my face very easy :((((
In those moment when I feel like my skin is wet ...I use a tissue and gently push it on my makeup. It remove all the oily part, but my make up stays on :)

So first tip from me: use waterproof makeup on summer.
Second tip, use a little tricks like tissue and makeup base. :)

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