My Summer Sandals!

2 years ago

I went on vacation to Disney World mid May but before we left I had to pick up something to wear on feet! My goal was to get 2 pairs of sandals that would match both the light outsides and the dark ones. I originally wanted to get a pair of tan or brown sandals and black ones but that was quickly derailed when I found these white ones!
These white sandals are by Montego Bay. The banding was flexible and soft so they moved with my feet and didn`t pinch or leave marks when i walked. They lasted comfortably 2 1/2 days of the trip without any issue. The second part of the third day I wore them they started to wear chafe my feet just above the toes. I have worn these several times since and had no problem with them. I think the extended wear of them was just to much to soon!

The second pair of shoes I bought are these black gladiator type sandals by Brash. These sandals have a tiny heel to them which I actually enjoyed, the heel gave more security and structure, plus the added 1/4 inch to my height was nice! I wore these sandals for 2 days and didn`t have any problems with them pinching my feet or causing any redness, BUT the black material got really hot in the florida sun, and made my feet hotter then they already were.

I bought both of these shoes at Payless Shoe Store. I got lucky the day I went in because they were handing out coupons for an additional 20% off the price.
I don`t remember what each pair cost, but I know that one of them was on sale for $16.99 and the other was $24.99. The additional 20% off of that made me feel even better about grabbing these gorgeous sandals! I tell you real sandals are so much better then flip flops!

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