My summer: Germany

4 years ago

(own photos, don`t steal) Seeing as I`m half German, I go to germany pretty much every summer holiday. This year I went for 3 weeks and it was awesome! Above I`ve included a few pictures. I feel that, in comparison to the UK, Germany is a little more cultural and less pretentious. The weather tends to be better in summer and some of the architecture is amazing. There are outside swimming pools every 10 kilometres which are awesome and most Germans go to them in the summer almost every day. The ice cream, although from Italy, is soooo good and the food in general is great. The style in Germany is much more casual compared to other countries which I like because you don`t have to make so much of an effort all the time. I also really loved the nightlife, as this year I was old enough to go party. Most places only realy get started at about 00.00am and to till about 5am. The public transport is perfect in all big cities, such as Hannover where I was nearly all summer. The tubes and busses run all through the night and morning, much better than england where you have to take a taxi after 12! I would really reccomend that you visit Germany, it just has something different about it. The people are pretty friendly depending on where you go. Some keep to themselves, which isn`t really a bad thing also they are a lot less prude.

Have any of you ever been to Germany, and if yes how was your experiene?

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