My Story of Being a Sephora Worker!!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I thought it was time that i told you ladies my experience of working at Sephora. I am like most ladies on this lovely website In love with beauty. I applied as a makeup artist at Sephora back around the holidays. I just wanted a temporary job while i was finishing up my bachelors degree. It took me about two months to actually get hired into Sephora. I had to go through two interviews were i discussed my knowledge of beauty, display my experience with customers and apply makeup on a client. I am a very confident person in what ever i do so i was not nervous at all. The people seem so nice at Sephora that i thought it would be perfect for me. The first couple of days i started there i recieved tons of free full size items which is a plus!! I think for only the holiday season we got 30% off of all the items that were not sephora and 40% off sephora brands!! I love Sephora so this discount was amazing since there was so much stuff i wanted from there!! I swear i sent a couple of pay checks there lol I thought everything was great there until everything came to light!! I am sure every Sephora is not the same as the people are different. The people at my particular Sephora was too prissy for me. I am a laid back person and i do not try to be something i am not. The manager of the store noticed my dominant personality and laid back persona. They did not particularly like the fact that i was confident in my skills and knowledge. I mean haters are every where as some people do not know how to handle a dominant personality. I had some complaints from my coworkers (hinting just one) The thing i do not like about Sephora managers (in my area) is they did not ask why they just take one side. I of course had to defend myself as I know am a hardworkers, very sweet and a leader. I can say i showed my boss that i was all of that and she let me be!! I thought it was unfair to single a new person out like that!! The next thing i hated about Sephora was that when i was off and was shopping with my family i recieved no HELP!! I mean i understand i was an employee there but my family was not. They did not assist us, ask if there was any makeup applications we wanted to try and it was not busy. This happened to me several times not just with my family but friends as well. The next thing i hated was that i had to constantly bug people like ask them two to three times if they needed help. I mean i think it is fine to ask once but after they say no to keep doing it is annoying. I know that when i shop i like to be in peace if i need help i will ask!! I know some people probably thought we were checking on them to see if they were stealing!! I can say overall the best part about working at sephora was the free stuff and discount!! I would not recommend getting a job at the Sephora in my area!! I talked to many of my friends that worked at Mac and they told me it was horrible to work at Sephora or even shop there!! Have you ever had a horrible time at Sephora? This is just my experience i am sure everyone is not the same but i will not want to be employeed at Sephora again!! I am glad i had to return back home or i would have hurt someone lol!! xoxo Tasha

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