My Spring Closet Tour :)

5 years ago

Hey guys! So I did some Spring cleaning today and reorganized my closet! I do this twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. I like to hang up the clothes that I will wear the most that season, and fold up the clothes I might not reach for as often. Hope you guys like my tips!
Main hanger: Tip #1: I like to hang the clothes I will wear the most in the MIDDLE of my closet, that way when I`m walking in, it`s the first thing I see. Tip #2: I organize my clothing. Everyone prefers it differently, so just adjust to what you like/need! I arranged mine my strap width. For my dresses I go from strapless, to t-shirt style, to thicker bands, to spaghetti strapped. Same goes for the tank tops. Tip #3: KEEP IT ORGANIZED! Don`t get lazy!!! I hate it when sometimes I`ll get lazy for a week, and then have to clean up so much over the weekend. I`ve learned to just put my clothes back where they were before and my closet stays organized!!
Cubbies: Tip #1: I keep the things I reach for the most on eye level, so they are easy to see and reach for! Tip #2: I try to keep everything as visible as possible. I keep all my winter heavy duty sweaters and things in a separate drawer. These are things that I MIGHT reach for, so I want everything to be visible! Tip #3: Add decorative pieces to brighten up your closet! I added my five-inch heels in the mix to just give it some personality! I always feel happy walking into my closet and seeing them there, since they`re so flashy!
Shoe racks: Tip #1: I would actually recommend getting solid shoe racks rather than the ones I have. The ones I have are harder to put shoes with heels on them, because the heels will go through the bars and not stay well. Tip #2: The picture I took is one of the three shoe racks that I have. This one is the closest to the door so I put all the shoes I reach for the most on there. During the fall and winter, it changes :) Hope you guys like how I organize my closet!` target=`_blank`>Check out my youtube Channel!! fashion

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