My special tea mix!!

4 years ago

I`m sure everyone has at least heard of half & half which is half tea & half lemonade. Well i loveee tea! Hot or cold and im open to trying any kind! My fav is chamomille btw :) I hate that when you go to restaurants they have tons of sugary sodas and maybe 1 or 2 non-bubbly drinks. But even then sometimes when you get the tea made at the restaurant like say, McDonalds, you never know how much sugar is truly in there (i happen to know that McDonalds sweet tea has 1 lb of sugar in it) So i will usually mix it with either unsweetened tea or lemonade, or ill get unsweetened tea and add sweet & low. But back on topic, another thing i loveee about Seasons (check my other Season`s Pizzeria posts) is that they have a Golden Peak little station with different teas to pick from. Since im the kind of person that cant decide, i do a special mix which i call: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.... i fill 1/3 of the cup with sugar free lemonade, 1/3 with green tea and 1/3 with black tea! It`s super good!! Both green tea & black tea have lots to offer! And lemons arent far behind.
~Does anyone do any crazyy drink mixes?

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