My sock bun with bow!

4 years ago

hello all you luuuxers,

this is my sock bun with an added bow! i love having the sock bun on, i get compliments on it all the time! i just started wearing the bows with my bun :)

heres how to do a sock bun if you dont already know how to do one. first you need to grab an old sock lying around that you dont mind cutting up! i wouldn;t cut up a brand new sock though, that`d be a waste! then you cut off (straight across the sock) about half an inch to about an inch off of the top of the sock (the toe end). then you grab that end of the sock and start rolling it inwards as if to make a big scrunchie.

secondly you tie your hair up into a tight pony tail. has to be as highest as u can for the pony tail and have it tight. if its too loose the bun will swift around and eventually fall apart :(

thirdly, you grab the end tip of your pony tail and put the sock scrunchie around it. grabbing both your hair and the sock bun with two hands, you start to roll it together and inwards towards your head. and you`ll start to see that some parts the sock shows up more without you grabbing any of your hair so you can adjust and move some of your hair to that area if you`d like.

lastly, as you get a solid bun on the top of your head, you can fix up any hair sticking out of the bun by using a bobby pin to pin it down. or if you have a lot of hair sticking out, you can grab all of it and twist it around towards the bottom of your bun then pin it down with a bobby pin.

don`t get discouraged or give up if it doesnt work out nicely for u at first! took me a while to master this, takes some practice but you`ll get there!
and for me, i just started adding a bow barrette to the bottom part of my head. just adds lil cuteness to it :) i bought a bunch of different bow barrettes that i will post a pic of it eventually.

happy sock bunning! lol

photos are my own

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