My Skin Cancer Scare Story.

4 years ago

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my recent skin cancer scare story with you all. I do NOT have cancer, luckily.
About a year or so ago, a mole popped up. I thought nothing of it (it was under my left breast, how convenient, right?). After time I noticed changes in it - it got bigger, small, the shape went from round to a jagged oval and was larger than a pencil eraser. There was even two separate points when it had started bleeding. Sometimes I would even get bruises by it. I always had on the back of my mind that it could be cancerous, but I honestly hate doctors so much and find them so terrifying, that I never wanted to get it checked out. I had never even mentioned it to anyone.
About mid March, I was watching TV, and I swear to you - EVERY single show kept saying something about skin cancer. I thought it was so odd, but to me, that was a sign that I probably have it. I was texting my best friend at the time, and I decided to tell her about it. I sent her a picture of it and she showed it to her mom who is a nurse, and her mom thought it was cancerous too. They begged me and begged me to get it checked out.
So I found a local dermatologist, and my best friend and I went together. I told him everything he was doing, and upon checking it out, he seems very concerned himself. He wanted me to get a biopsy done to check for cancer. I didn`t want to but he STRONGLY recommended I should. Also my friend who was pretty worried wanted me to, so I did.
The biopsy sucked really bad. (Keep in mind, this was on my BOOB people!). First off, they gave me a shot around the mole to numb it. The needle wasn`t so bad, but whatever was in it - burned like hell. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but that brought tears to my eyes alone. Then the doctor used this tool that takes a chunk of skin out, and put that in a container to be sent away. Then he used a razorblade to remove the mole, and used a freaking cauterizing iron (very hot metal rod) to BURN the area closed. Then they applied some Vaseline and a band-aid. The numbing stuff didn;t work very well, I felt about 80% of it. I was also in panic mode because I couldn`t see what was going on. I`m one of those people that if I know EXACTLY what is going on or if I can watch, I will be just fine. I wasn`t able to watch and the doctor kept telling me he wasn`t doing whatever he was doing, I had my friend watch and fill me in.
As for after-care, this biopsy wound needed to be cleaned twice daily. It was a GIANT pain in the ass. Again, washing under your boob isn`t the easiest thing to do lol. I had to take off the band-aid, clean with soap and water, pat dry, apply Neosporin or Vaseline, and put on another band-aid. I was also not supposed to take baths, only showers. The healing sucked because my bra underwire would rub up against it all the time and that sucked. It`s also in an area that really can`t breathe, so the healing is taking forever (still not healed to this day). Sometimes it would randomly start burning or stinging or throbbing. Quite annoying. It also would bleed and ooze a lot, and usually always had a big bruise around it (I bruise so easy!).
Three weeks later I had to go back to get my biopsy test results. He walked in and told me "It shows to be just a normal mole". I was really shocked because of all the weird things it was doing, and the level of concern he was expressing along with everyone else. But he did say I`m not in the clear - if the mole comes back, it could turn into Melanoma, so keep an eye on it.
Basically, if any of you guys have something you`re concerned about, get it checked out because you never know what it could be! Nothing, or something. Better safe than sorry! Also, everyone wear lots of sunscreen this summer, you don`t want skin cancer - and stear clear of those tanning beds! I have personally NEVER ever gone tanning and I was still at risk. Anyone of us could get it. If it runs in your family, you stand a higher chance. It runs in mine, so I was extra scared. Be careful!

PHOTO 1: My biopsy wound the morning after
PHOTO 2: My biopsy wound half healed. (The red band-aid esque marks are because I`m allergic to band-aids -_- )

*Photos are MINE.

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