My Sister`s 9 Strand Braid!

4 years ago

Hello gorgeous! Today, I wanted to share what I did to my sister`s hair yesterday night when I was messing around. I enjoy doing other people`s hair although there were many hairstyles that didn`t turn out too well. I was just playing around but I actually really liked the results of this one which I`m going to show all of you!

So there might be things like this out on Youtube or other places that I don`t know about but I`d like to credit myself with creating this braid because it came off the top of my imagination. I`ll teach all of you how to do it today!

1. First, divide your hair into 3 sections and then separate them.

2. Taking your first section, braid it normally and then secure the ends with a discreet elastic or clip (you will be taking it out later). Do the same thing with the other 2 sections.

3. Now taking the 3 braids that you made, braid the 3 braids together!

4. Secure the ends of the 3 braided braids and then take out the rest of the elastics.

Now, you`re done with this unique but cool braid! It`s super easy, even for the beginners. This braid probably takes a maximum of 5 minutes but for me, it took only 2 minutes!

That`s it for this fun braid! I hope you enjoyed :)

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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