My Simple amp Healthy Breakfast

5 years ago

I`ve been on a health and exercise routine for the past few weeks and I wanted to eat a bit better this week than the others.

So, I decided to make this post because this is what I`ve been eating for the past few days.

All you need is two eggs. The thing is though, is that you only need the egg white. Yes, some yolk will get in from time to time, but it`s okay.

If you`re wondering why people eat only the egg white, it`s because most of the cholesterol is in the yolk. But again, if you get some yolk in your egg white, it`s fine. Won`t kill you :)

Also, instead of using oil, use margarine (a sliver to cover the bottom of the pan) This will add flavor to your egg whites.

Now, I decided I wanted a change up with my breakfast this morning, so I cut up 4 strawberries in half. This will kind of trick your mind that you`re eating more strawberries, but really you`re just eating more slices from the same amount.

lol you get it...

If you don`t think this will fill you up, add about 10 grapes.

Last, I`m drinking my "O-J" Naked juice. I only drink a quarter though. You`re supposed to only have 8 oz. a day, but I have less.

This is a really good breakfast for people who are trying to lose weight.

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