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4 years ago

I was taking pictures of myself the other day and my shoe rack happened to be in the background and I thought to myself, why didn`t I post this already? LOL. I am pretty sure you have seen something like this before but in case you are wondering where I got mine, I purchased it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.99. BB&B occasionally sends out coupons so if you hang on to the coupon, you could actually get this for cheaper.

This shoe rack is designed to be hung over your door and hold 36 pairs of shoes. There is a minor flaw that I didn`t like about this rack, you are supposed to have your shoes facing the door when storing hello? Why the hell do my shoes have to turn their backs on me? How I fixed this was quite simple, I switched it up side down so I was able to store my shoes facing me. The downside to that is I can only store 33 pairs this way.

So if you are limited on space, would like a quicker way to search through your shoes, and don`t mind hanging your shoes on the door, I think you might like this storage solution. The material isn`t the best quality and it is actually cheaply made and easily assembled but I`ve never had any problems with it falling apart (as long as you don`t accidentally knock it off, it won`t budge) and I`ve had it for a few years already.

I have other pairs of shoes stacked up inside boxed and on my closet shelves and some more on the closet floor. I reorganize this rack twice a year. Once during spring and once during fall. It helps me organize my seasonal shoes so I can find them quicker and spend less time trying to find the right pair to match my outfit.

I don`t really love this storage rack because I would prefer my shoes to be out of sight but because I`m limited on space (and because I`m too lazy to clean up my closet), this rack really does come in handy to keep my shoes somewhat organized.

How do you store your shoes?

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