My Shoe Collection at College!

4 years ago

At college, you typically have to downsize to make room for school things and because dorms and apartments are usually quite small. I, however, somehow managed to bring almost my entire shoe collection out to school with me. Now, my closet in my apartment is much smaller than my closet back home, but I managed to get most of shoes sorted and organized!

I`ve been living in my apartment for two years now and this school year I brought out most of the rest of my shoe collection which I didn`t already have here - which basically meant bringing out all of my high heels since I go out a lot more now and because I need them for my professional field experiences and meetings and whatnot. Originally, I just had shoe boxes stacked in my closet with the non-boxed ones lined up in rows in front. That didn`t work once I realized I was running out of room and was just throwing my shoes in my closet, so I figured I needed some sort of storage...

I had this plastic 3-drawer unit in my closet back home with some of my shoes already in it, so I moved out to my apartment at school. It has helped so much! It`s really condensed my shoes and has organized them rather nicely :) I`ve actually bought A LOT of shoes within the past few months so I`ve begun running out of room in the drawers and have had to begin putting some shoe boxes on top. But, some of those shoe boxes also have shoes in them that I don`t want to take out and throw in the drawers since they`re nicer (particularly the ones in the last pic). So far, though, everything has stayed nice and organized!

In the bottom drawer (second pic) I have my "going out" heels for the bars and clubs. They`re the ones that have platforms, are sparkly or patterned, or are just heels that I wouldn`t necessarily wear in a meeting, lol. In the middle drawer (third pic) are my "professional" heels. This drawer has mostly grey and black heels but also some red and nude ones. You can never have too many heels, lol! The top drawer (fourth pic) has my flats and some sandals. I don`t go into this drawer as much, especially since the colder weather has set in, but there`s a WHOLE bunch of shoes in it since flats are rather compact, lol!

On top of the drawer unit are some shoe boxes with shoes that I most recently brought out from home and that a) didn`t fit in the drawer or b) I didn`t want to put in the drawers because they`re too nice or are something I`d want to grab quickly. The last picture shoes a small stacked pile of shoes that actually sits right next to the drawer unit in my closet. These shoes are my most dressy and most professional ones that I wear the most often. I definitely didn`t want to take these ones out of their boxes so I kept them in and stacked them nicely. I have one of my favorite pair of heels ankle boots sitting on top, too.

Where are my boots, you ask? Well, they`re sitting in a flat storage container that I keep under my bed to save space. I actually need to get another one since I`ve recently acquired more pairs of boots! Ahh... my shoes are just taking over! But one thing I insist on is keeping them stored and not all just thrown into a pile, lol.

Overall, I`d say I have about 60 pairs of shoes here at my college apartment. That`s a little insane... lol. But I have to admit, I`m pretty proud for finding a way to store all of them in my little closet! :)

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