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A few months ago, I discover that I`m alergic to the common shampoos and hair mask. I had a lot of itching on the ears and was spreading to my face, so the doctor told me that I really need to change my shampoo and hair mask that I buy in the market to natural ones or with neutral pH.
I`m using this 3 products about 3 months and all the allergy had gone :)
I`m going to talk about each one:

<strong>1 - Mask Phytokarité extreme nutrition for extra dry hair:</strong> The mask is expensive (about 25euros) but lasts a long time. I love it! The hair is very soft and nourished, making it easier to untangle than later. After leaving acting 5 minutes in the hair, wipe with water, the hair doesn`t get that feeling of oil that doens`t comes out. I really like it and the smell is fantastic. I`ll buy again!

<strong>2 - Shampoo Phyto Intense Phythéol for severe dandruff:</strong> Shampoo is also expensive (about 13 euros). As another alternate with shampoo, ultimately last longer. The shampoo has a characteristic smell of plants. It cleans very clean well the hair, while not make much foam. I will return to buy too!

<strong>3 - Shampoo Schwarzkopf professional hairtherapy:</strong> Shampoo is a cheaper, considering the size (about 12euros). I bought it in a store-specific beauty products because there isn`t for sale elsewhere. The shampoo smells great, make foam, but doesn`t make me allergy. It cleans the hair very well too! I will return to buy it.

So, do you already knew this products?

You can see more about this in mu blog (link at the sourc link below).

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