My Secret Weapons for ColdFlu Season

5 years ago

moving into college and living in a dorm for the first time, i`ve been having an exceptionally rough cold and flu season this year. when you live in high density environments like dorms and you spend large amounts of time in crowded lecture halls, it`s really easy to catch illnesses from others because of all the germs in the air and on surfaces.

my two secret weapons are theraflu and zicam.

zicam is the first thing i think of when i even remotely feel like i`m starting to get sick. it`s usually right when i wake up in the morning and i`m still quite groggy and i feel like there`s a lump in my throat. i`ll eat some breakfast and then take a tablet of zicam. it`s not recommended that you take zicam on an empty stomach because it may cause discomfort, which is why i eat something first. it leaves an aftertaste but you aren`t supposed to eat or drink for 30 minutes after so normally i just deal with it for those 30 minutes and drink some water after. zicam`s done wonders for me throughout the years and it`ll usually make me feel a lot better! obviously there are times when it won`t work and you`ll still get sick, in which case you can take...

THERAFLU! best cold medicine, hands down. it doesn`t taste that gross either, though i may be the only person in the world who thinks that :P it tastes just like herbal tea! and it makes me feel a lot better. my only problem is that after i drink a big cup of this stuff (normally at night), i`ll go to bed and have to go to the restroom either in the middle of the night or early in the morning :( but it makes me feel a lot better!

what are your favorite medicines for cold/flu season?

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