My Secret to Soft Hair!

5 years ago

So my secret to my soft hair is simple. Moroccan Argan Oil. Omgosh this stuff is amazing! It`s the best thing I`ve put in my hair, hands down.
The best part is it`s pretty cheap, it`s only 7.99! and you only have to use a little for your hair.
Where can you get it? I got mine at my Walgreens but you can probably find it at any drugstore.
The directions say so put it through your hair and then brush it through with a comb and leave it in for 3 mins.
I like to concentrate on my ends because they are always frizzy and split and I use my widetooth comb and gently comb through my DRY hair. I let it sit for about 6 mins and then I get in the shower and do my thing(: and after I towl dry my hair and brush through my hair with the same comb.
I thought it wasn`t going to be that amazing but I was wrong! my hair is so soft and shiny and I`ve gotten so many compliments on my hair.
I also have really thick corse hair that frizzes a lot and is naturally a disaster. I feel like this product also relaxes my hair a little bit..
I really wanna try the rest of the moroccan oil products.

So my fellow luuuxers, have you ever used this product or and of the products of the moroccan oil line?
Let me know what you guys thing, or if you plan to go try it out!!

Love ya(:

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