My Scrunchy Belt amp Lacey Shoes

Hey Luuuxers! Thought I`d share something else that I`ve created. So here`s the story, I bought these shoes (Jocelyn by Miss Me info in the source link) and when I received them, I loved them! Only problem it wasn`t the blue I thought it would be... so I decided to make something to wear with it. (If you know how to sew and like this belt the pattern info will be posted below.) So I rummaged around the house looking for something that would work. I originally thought black lace over blue, but I didn`t haven`t any so I kept looking. I found a blue cotton that matched pretty good and then to my surprise I had a smokey gray organza fabric. When I put the organza over the blue, it was like magic! It created this iridescent affect and it matched the blue on the shoes (which has a blue iridescent thing going that you can`t see on their online picture). So I made the scrunchy belt to match the shoes, looks fab with a black dress and I wore it with my DCD 4.0 earrings (haven`t posted those yet, but coming soon... tomorrow! so check back!) What do you think?

And p.s, when I wore the belt and the earrings last, someone actually placed an order for both, I was super excited! =)

Ok for you DIY seamstress:
the pattern # Simplicity/Suede Says 0465/2220, my pattern is by Simplicity and the instructions have both numbers but I think it is officially Suede Says now. It`s belt B.

The shoes also come in grapefruit and purple.
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