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2 years ago

At the end of last week I was very lucky to have the opportunity to head down to Michigan International Speedway and hear a presentation about how easy sponsorship is with them and with Nascar. This wasn`t your average business meeting, we were also given a tour of the facility and got to take a ride in a Nascar with a real Nascar driver.
At the track giving the rides were Clint Boyer and Michael Waltrip. Now I don`t know a lot about Nascar or their drivers, but I know who Michael Waltrip is, and it became my goal to ride in a car with him.
The video above is just an overview of the day. It includes some clips of me getting in the car, and going around the track and a little bit of the tour.
There is an in car camera video that you can watch too! That video is on my Dads youtube not my own but here is the link for it:

These cars go up to 165 mph which is 40 mph slower then their average race day speed. This specific one was brought to us by the Michael Waltrip racing team, MI Speedway and the Richard Petty Driving Experience. You can find the Richard Petty Driving experience located in Orlando Florida at Walt Disney World, but they also tour the country going to different tracks and offering different programs. There are a few coming up in the next couple weeks if you want to check them out check out this link:
Now I have to say these rides don`t usually include an actual Nascar driver, but you can actually charter these guys for events and different opportunities. Michael Waltrip said there is nothing he enjoys more then getting out and meeting the fans.
He was so funny and kind, it was obvious the respect he has for his employee`s and his fans. He came into the meeting room and cracked jokes with everyone and had a great time!
If i were to do an experience like this again, I would definitely want to drive. Riding in the car you can feel the G`s pushing down on your as you bank the turns, but nothing for me will ever be as exhilarating as driving a race car myself. In my defense I drove a race car for nearly 10 years, what else would you expect?
What do you think about this experience? Would you give it a shot?

The video provided above belongs to me, please do not take it.
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