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6 months ago

How many of you have given up on hobbies due the fact that it just didn`t go as planned? I have but now I have renewed faith in it all thanks to a new group that I have joined.
I love flowers. If you were to ask me if I`d rather have a bigger house or garden, I can tell you I`d say garden. I just love growing fruit trees and veggies and especially flowers. But I`d also like to have a bigger living room to showcase all my lovely flowers too.
One type of flowers I`ve been obsessed with but never successful with are orchids. A lot of people think they`re really hard to take care of and keep alive. I don`t blame them. I`ve killed over 13 myself and sad to say I`ve given up, up until now.
Each time I bring them home, they die right after they`re done flowering even if I follow the directions it came with. This made me so sad. I still have pictures of 98 % of the ones I`ve killed.
After finally having enough and thought I`d finally give up, I found this group that grows orchids differently. This call this method `water culture `.
Basically instead of growing these orchids in medium like it orginally comes in, you`d grow them in water.
I decided to give this a try before I finally give up on orchids. I`m glad I did. Now I have renewed faith that I will be able to keep them alive and have them rebloom or even give me kei keis!
So far I`m having good results compared to having them in media. I still managed to almost kill one. I have one that is now in what we call ICU. She`s lost all her leaves but still have plenty of good roots. So hopefully she`ll give me a kei kei. While converting her to wc `water culture ` I accidently broke her terminal leaf off. That`s when everything started found down hill. But I suspect when I bought her there were already signs of rot in the crown. So one important thing to take notice when looking to purchase a orchid is to pick one that has healthy roots, leaves and make sure the crown of the orchid doesn`t have any yellowing. Yellowing of the crown is usually signs of rot. Also make sure there are no hitchhikers, scales, mealy bugs and spider mates if those sorts.
But a success story for me with wc is that I have a dendrobidum orchid that is showing signs of new growth and probably kei keis or even new blooms. And I`ve had a orchid last longer than a month for me after its blooms has faded.
There are two types of water culture. Semi and full. If you want to learn more about water culture , you can look it up on YouTube and there`s this girl named Samantha. She`s very nice and that`s how I ended up finding out about this. She also has a group to follow on Facebook.
Now thanks to this new method, I`ve perked my living room up with lovely orchids. Adding more to my collection. So far I have 7. With 3 in ICU. I can`t wait to add more , if only I had space for them... Lol and my wallet is not so happy about it too. Neither is my husband ... Lol

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