My Red Angel Plates Arrived!

5 years ago

Im so excited! Im a huge fan of nail art and love everything that comes with it. For about a year now Ive been enjoying using nail stamps in designs. Previously, I did everything freehand. I started with using Konad. HOOKED! When Bundle Monster released a new set of improved plates, I bought those. LOVE! And now I have been seeing Red Angel. I wanted to buy them a couple of months ago, but I wanted to hear more about them before I did. There are some definite crud plates out there. I didnt want to end up with a set of those. Saturday night, around 11 PM, I placed my order. Not long after that I received an email letting me know an estimated date of when to expect my plates. They were planning for 10 days out. Well, Sunday I received a message letting me know they were shipped out. Monday they had reached the post office in my town. I was expecting them for Tuesday since, surely, they hadnt had time on Monday to be scanned IN AND back OUT for delivery. I was wrong. 45 minutes after the time shown that they were scanned in, they were scanned out and in route for delivery! WOOT! I got my plates on Monday afternoon! That is SO quick! Considering I didnt place my order until extremely late Saturday night, Sunday is a non working mail day, and they arrive to me on Monday? WOW! Not even 48 hours later and they were in my hands. I am very pleased with their delivery. I havent had a chance to use them just yet, but you bet Im going to be on that ASAP! I bought these already knowing they arent backed like the Konad or new Bundle Monsters. That doesnt bother me so much, because I am going to back them myself. The problem with them not being backed, is that it is straight metal.THIN metal, which translates to SHARP AS HELL! You have to be careful or you can slice your fingers. The backing prevents this. Other than that, the laser engravings seem deep enough and very clear & clean. They are sealed from the top with a blue protective plastic sheet. That is nice. Im not going to peel that away, though, until I have them backed. I dont want to remove that seal and then have the sharp edges scratch up the image side of the plate. Something that I liked, too, is they come in a little rubbery plastic casing. If you dont have a separate storage system in place, this is nice because it allows you to keep all of the Red Angel plates together in a baggy. The outside of that little bag has their logo on it. It is a cute little red fuzzy monster with wings, a halo, and a mustache (?) or maybe its a strange, oversized smile LOL! Either way, hes a cute little guy. I think it would have been cute to have an image of him on one of the plates. Im excited to get started using these to find out how well they work and how they compare to the image plates I already have. Youre certain to see some upcoming manicures with these.
-If youd like to see more pictures of these plates, please visit my blog!
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