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3 years ago

I`m always trying to use up the current products I have because, over the years, I managed to stockpile a LOT of stuff, so using it all up had been a definite priority. I can proudly say that I`ve managed to use up most of my collection and now have a much smaller and manageable amount, lol. These are the things I`ve used up recently!

I used up a cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner set from Bath and Body Works. I seriously had these for years and decided it was about time to just use them. I still have a coconut lime verbena set to use up, but that`ll be next after the current ones I`m using, lol.

I also used up a Bath and Body Works shower gel in Dark Kiss. I can`t tell you how many of their shower gels I once owned at one time, lol. I could`ve opened my own store. I`m down now to a reasonable size thankfully and am always happy when I use one up! I also used up a foaming shower gel (guess it`s not really "gel" then, lol) that was sitting under my bathroom sink for years, too. They don`t even make these anymore!

Body sprays always seem to be hanging around and so I made it a priority to stick to just a couple and really use them up. I finished a Winter Candy Apple one from Bath and Body Works, and a travel-size Dream Angels Heavenly and a PINK spray from Victoria`s Secret. I`m currently making my way through a Twilight Woods spray, which is a bit heavy for summer, but it was already used a little bit so now I`m just trying to finish it off :)

As far as makeup goes, I finished my Clinique stay-matte powder and a mascara from Sephora - both products which I absolutely LOVE and was actually sad to see go. I`m already on another Clinique powder but have moved on to a different mascara (I have a bunch still to use up). I also used up another EOS lipbalm! I want to say this is my 4th or 5th one now :) I`m currently using up a Baby Lips (which I`m not too fond of...) so I`ll hopefully be done with that soon.

Using up products definitely feels great! I`m enjoying seeing my massive stockpile diminish. The less you own, the less you have to worry about and the less you stress. When you own too much, the objects start to own you. Less is best :)

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