My Recap: Giants vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Disclaimer: To any Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan, I will dis your coach so if you don`t like, bye.

So today there was a game between the NY Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Things seemed to be going well for the Bucks, who were doing pretty well during the first half of the game. Then the Giants started picking up, though I must say I`m disappointed in the D this year, and eventually won 41-34.

Now to clear things up, I`m a NY Giants fan. I`m also from NJ, and so is the new coach for Tampa Bay. Now that I`ve gotten that out of the way, let the typing begin.

The game ended 41-34 with the Giants winning. It ended with a player sitting his ass down and celebrating with fellow teammates. Now this is all regular and normal in the NFL, for a game to end with around 5 seconds or so left on the clock. But the new coach, Schiano, didn`t like that at all. Not at all. And so being the little drama queen that he is, he started arguing with the NY Giants coach, Coughlin.

A) What kind of idiot does that? He`s a first year NFL coach who previously coached the Scarlet Knights (Go red) But still! That`s ridiculous that he would have the nerve to do that. I mean, HELLO. LADY? Are you serious? His stupid move just brought him a bad rep.
B) He doesn`t believe in the NFL tradition of not giving a fuck. It`s only a couple seconds, and you`re not some amazing coach that can MAKE your players complete a Hail Mary. Seriously? Come back to reality, you lost. Stop being a whiny baby and just accept that your team that YOU coached, didn`t win. End of story.

This guy just doesn`t make any sense. Whatever, I`m all vented out now so it`s all good.
In the end the Giants won anyway so, yay!


Giants vs Buccaneers
Sep 16 @Giants Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Buccaneers 3 21 3 7 34
Giants 6 7 3 25 41

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