My quotWelcome to the World, Nephew!quot basket

4 years ago

This is a gift basket I threw together, rather quickly last week. My sister-in-law was supposed to have a small baby shower (she had a big one when my niece was born almost 3 years ago) but she was was pregnant with a boy, her mom wanted to have a small one to help them with boy-themed items. BUT she ended up going into labor earlier than expected, so the baby shower idea was shot to smithereens! The weekend was my nephew was born, was Easter weekend, so I`d been busy with parties, cooking cakes, cookies and getting myself situated to start my new job. Putting together a baby gift basket was the furthest thought from my mind. I told myself I`d put it together the middle of the week ... and the middle of the week came and went for like, two weeks.

I finally told myself if I don`t put this basket together NOW (my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew were over for dinner) I figured with my procrastination abilities my nephew would be 3 by the time I got it to them (haha that`s an exaggeration but it`d have been a few more weeks). Since some of the items I purchased were in "newborn" I didn`t want him to outgrow them. ANYWAY!

I picked up the basket and paper stuffing at the dollar store, as well as the gift basket wrapping. I forgot to pick up a bow so I had to use the cheap ties they provide you with the gift wrapping. I had picked up clothes from Target and Kohl`s and got baby items (lotions, etc.) at various other stores. Then one day I popped into CVS and they had Easter stuffed animals like 80% off so I grabbed the stuffed dog for my nephew`s basket and got my niece a stuffed bunny (because she`s spoiled, that`s why).

I`d have liked to make the basket look a lot nicer than how it turned out, but I put it together really quickly so I felt I did a decent job in the time allotted.

Do you like making gift baskets?

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