My quotUnisexquot Diesel glasses.

Hi everyone! I want to post this and blog about it, because I want everyone`s opinion on these sunglasses.

Here`s the deal, about two years ago on my birthday, my friend got me these sunglasses at a casino`s gift shop. The woman in there said that these are "Unisex".

I happened to get them because of them being "Unisex". But have doubted that since a while back.

First off, I know they`re white and that can be a very feminine color for sunglasses, but the crystal design on the sides is of a dragon. That seems masculine to me, but then again the crystals shine a lot in the sun. Making them look too much for women.

Since I`ve noticed this I haven`t really been using them. Instead, I`ve given them to my sister. She`s been using them.

What do you all think? Any opinions?

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