My quotokquot dinner from the middle of the week

4 years ago

This is the dinner that I had this past Thursday. I had taken a turkey tenderloin I had in the freezer out to defrost and cooked this up Thursday night. It was actually quite good! <strong>We had turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans.</strong> I hadn`t known what a turkey tenderloin was but apparently it`s similar to a chicken tenderloin and is a tender portion of the meat below the breast. This one came with an "original" seasoning from the manufacturer which was a mild seasoning, not too overpowering. We had thrown some green giant frozen green beans (in a steam pouch) into the microwave and actually made instant baby red potatoes this day. Sadly, the potatoes weren`t good -- since time was of essence we whipped together a pouch of instant -- but I took 2 bites and threw them out. I was surprised since the brand used (Idahoan) tends to be the only instant mashed that I`ll eat but perhaps it was a bad batch? Not sure. But they were just plain ole nasty. It`ll be a while before I even attempt to eat an instant potato.

Have you ever had turkey tenderloin?

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