My quest to fight acne

5 years ago

Hi everyone! This is my very first post here. I`m brand new to Luuux and I am not sure what I`m doing yet. I like to tell you a bit about myself. I`m 31 years old and I am battling chronic acne! I have tried many OTC products, creams, ointments, oral contraceptives. Nothing seem to work. I don`t know if its because I`m unique or that I`m not vigilant enough in my skincare routine. For those of you who are struggling with acne, I`m sure you know how upset this can be. Recently, I began working for a cosmetic surgeon. I told him about my problem. After reviewing the products I`ve tried, he urge me to give Obagi a spin. I am very excited to talk to you about this Obagi system that I`m trying out. Its a three step system consisting of a cleanser, pore therapy, and hydrating lotion. I have very high hopes for this system being that the surgeon said he had many positive results with his clients.

After trying out the system for a week..I noticed that my skin is flaky and other pimples have also come up on the surface. I told the surgeon about this and he said that this is part of the process and to be patient. He also included retin A in the regimen, saying it will help exfoliate my skin. I have tried retin A in the past but didn`t see a significant improvement as far as acne goes. He told me that the key in improving my skin this time around is that I have to know that these regimen chemically exfoliate my skin, in order for me not to get new pimples, I would have to help my skin by mechanically exfoliating it as well (i.e getting a facial). He said that because salicylic acid and tretinoin (retin-A) only exfoliate chemically, if I don`t assist in mechanically exfoliating it, the dead skin will remain on the surface and re-clog my pores.

So far, the areas where I`m not breaking out, I do see that my pores are smaller and that my skin in those areas are more radiant. I would have to use to system a bit longer to be able to judge it`s effectiveness. I will keep you posted!!!
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