My pregnancy update, week 37!*

Hiya luuuxers;

Well i did say i would be uploading a 36week update, but i didnt have time to do
one at that time so here i am doing a 37week one, SORRY!.

At this point, my little girl can make her appearance at any time.. i do think she will
come either near her due date or be a couple of days late.. But thats fine with me,
the longer she stays in my stomach the more baked she will be and ready to come out.
Ive noticed a few changes latley than rather on in my pregnancy.. Everything seems
to get me tired so easily now and i feel really BLOATED like i have a rock of a stomach..
It`s basicly rock hard and i feel like an umpa lumpa when im just charging about LOL.

Latley my usual walks are wearing me out quite a bit.. It takes me so much longer
to do my usual routine and it hurts me in certain areas so i will be taking things
much easier now, because my back is not good AT ALL.

The docs rang me this weekend to tell me that i had got anemia so they need to
give me some medicine for that because its just getting worse, but everything
will be fine in that area i hope.

Last check up i went to they couldn`t find anything abnormal with my baby girl
and everything should be perfectly fine! Im hoping that anyways. I have another
app this friday just to hear her heartbeat and then i dont have anymore until
the 40th week.. i will do an updated belly picture post before then to show you guys.

Everyone says im way small to be 37weeks pregnant but i like my small little belly!
So far i have NO stretch marks at all on my stomach which im very happy about
and i only have one tiny little line on my side but im fine with that to be honest.

So far i`ve put on 10kg and my doctors are very happy with my weight!
Heartburn is a nightmare latley but i get through it.. Its life.

I am not 100% sure of a name yet,but im leanning towards Sofia Nicole.. I Really
like the name sofia and my babies dady literally begged me that either the first name
or the second name had to be Nicole, i dont want her first name beying named after
me but i dont mind the second name.. do you think they work nice together? Any
other cute names that suit well with Nicole? Share your opinion*

Anyways, im hoping everything stays as good as its going and ill post another
update soon! take care x

*image belongs to me, please do not STEAL.

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