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4 years ago

I thought I should write something with my thoughts about the new Luuux and explain what Im going to do about it.

Well, the first thing I have to say is that Im not leaving this site and let me explain you why; Ive been seeing a lot of peoples leaving and creating their own blogs, but I wont do that because I guess Im not the right person to have a real blog, I know we have to put a lot of effort on it, and write actually great posts to make it visible and not another hidden blog and for me, it would be really hard to balance college and a blog once both require a lot of time and obviously college comes first. So this makes Luuux, the easiest way to blog about something that I like.

Of course I joined luuux because of their great prizes and always dreamed about winning one, so I can say that at the beginning I was just here to do that, but now, it may sound like cliché but its honest, I really enjoy blogging and read and comment other people posts. I guess its a thing that we can learn and its actually really good! This site has always been my escape, where I enjoy spending some time, and once English is not my first language, its also where I can practice it. I know Im not the best blogger, maybe I could make some better posts if I had more English skills, but I try really hard to write what I write and, now, to not make useless and superficial posts. (Give me some credit for that? Lol)

I know that probably I will never be able to cash up something, especially now that we have to pay the taxes with credit card or paypal, things that I dont have but Ill continue here. Now Im on vacation so I can spend more time on the site but within two weeks Ill begin my second semester so Ill be less active. However, Ill try to continue posting and take pictures of that I want to share with you, it is already a habit.

As many of you, I really didnt like the news about the shop and the changes, but Ill be here to see whats going on. Now let me know, whos staying?

Another thing that I have to unburden, that pisses me of, is the inequality between likes and comments on posts. For example, 50 persons put a like on the post but maybe just 10 actually just commented it. I think its pretty sad to see that; to see that you made something with a lot of effort, that 50 persons saw it but didnt bother to write a comment, just cared about gain 1 luuux! Just one luuux! But anyway, everyone is free to do whatever they want :)

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