My Pocket Knife Collection

4 years ago

You wanna mess with me!? These are my pocket knives! You like? LOL
They`re actually my brother`s, but I do play with it and carry it with me occasionally. I`m like 5`4 and 108 lbs. If someone were to rob me or attack me from behind, I wouldn`t really know what to do. Hahas I`m probably just freeze like a statue. But I feel like its great to have in your bag, especially if you`re a girl who gets home pretty late, ride the subway and/or has no defense/martial arts training whatsoever. Lols this might help make you feel safer.

The first one is just a basic pocket knife. It has a black handle with the silver blade with some ridges in the middle. Its just your ordinary knife, nothing too special. You have to use your hand to slide the blade out.
The second one, which is kinda new. Its a bit fanicer, better quality, and slightly more expensive. The handle is really nice; its silver and blue with a dragon design. Theres a little end you can push, which pops the knife out immediately. It could be a little dangerous if you`re not familiar with using it. The blade itself is all black, just really sleek and sharp.

What do you guys do to defend yourself? Do you ladies carry around pocket knifes?
Are you guys for or against using/carrying weapons?

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