My Piercings

4 years ago

I wanted to show you my peircings and talk a little about them .
So I only have my ears pierced, I have 6 holes in one ear and on other ear I just have my lobe pierced.

Many of you have your lobes pirced wich is usual and I got my lobed pierced when I was about 7 years old with a gun. It didn`t hurt at all I would say that pian was 1/5.

Then I decided to get my second hole pierced what I was 10 or 11 I think. I did it with gun as well. It didn`t hurt at all I woud say it was 1/5 again.

The begining of this summer I wanted to have my whole ear pirced so I went and got my 3rd and 4th hole pierced with gun. I regret it a little that I got both of my piercing done at the same time because it hurt a little bit more, I didn`t have any problems with these two piercings, but for a week or two I couldn`t sleep on the side that I got pierced. That was the only thing that was bothering me.I would say that pain on thees two was 2/5.

Begining of this school year I wanted to get more piercings so I went one day affter school to get them done again with the gun. This is one thing that I regret the most!! I got two piercings done at the same time as well. And at first 15 minutes It didn`t hurt, my ear just felt very hard and it got pretty blue. So a few weeks I could sleep on that say at ALL!!
If someone touched my ear it hurt so bad! I had my medicines in for 2 weeks then I took them out because they hurt and I thought if I put my regular earings in it`s going to be better. Well it was for quit a while but then one day I decited to put my medicines back in because I knew that my holes weren`t healing. Now I have my medicines in and I will have them in for about 2 months just to get my ears feeling better. Pain of this piercings was 4/5.

Now I`m just so happy I got over the pain. But it`s worth it I love all my piercings.

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