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3 years ago

Hello my name is Ginger & I am a perfume addict. I have no plans or desire to change either because I love smelling good and perfume makes me happy. :)

You can`t see everything in detail this is just meant to be a glimpse at what I have. With the exception of a few perfumes that I keep from my Grandma who passed away and a few my Dad bought me before he died that they don`t make anymore I use them all. The ones my Dad bought me that aren`t made anymore or in different packaging now I still use just more sparingly but my Grandma`s perfume is strictly to remind me of her.

In the 3rd picture the top left is my backup section of my collection. I know I have a lot of perfumes but I NEVER pay retail for any of them. I get them as gifts from family & friends by the dozen on my birthday/Christmas (Not a dozen on each total) because it is well known how much I love perfume.

A little less than 1/2 of what I have are Victoria`s Secret perfume/body sprays because I love them the rest is mostly celebrity scents & I have a few designer perfumes. I love my sweet scents not everyone wants to smell like a piece of cake/cupcake/cookies/fruit salad/ or candy but I do and I get compliments several times a day EVERYDAY so while some say that is not mature to wear those kind of scents oh well I want to smell good not be considered mature. :) Oh I also have a few impression perfumes.

I truly am a perfume lover I wear it every single day even if I am not leaving the house and I do reapply often so it is not hard for me to go through perfumes. I go through a lot of perfume in a year which is another reason family & friends give it to me for Christmas.

I am also one of those people if I love the packaging of a perfume I keep it for display (only 1 I don`t keep 10 empty bottles of Fantasy for example) & if it is a special perfume tied to a special memory I leave a little in there so I can be brought back to it. (The bottles I keep are not kept with my collection since they are mostly empty I don`t want to reach for a empty bottle)

I plan on doing individual reviews of perfumes here on this blog even ones that aren`t produced any more because you can find them on ebay or amazon if you are careful and know you aren`t getting counterfeit perfumes.

What is your favorite perfume? What perfume is on top of your wishlist?

note: Images are my own. I paid for most items myself some are gifts from family & friends.

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