My Perfume Collection!

4 years ago

Over the years I`ve acquired quite a number of perfumes and only lately did I realize how many I actually have, lol! I`m making it a goal of mine to use them more often so I can begin finishing some of them up. I`m running out of room for them! Don`t even get me started on body sprays, too, lol... that`s a different story entirely! :P

So, what`s in my collection exactly? The picture makes most of them identifiable, but here are what they all are!

<li>Brighton`s Live Perfume</li>
<li>Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy</li>
<li>Ralph Lauren`s Cool</li>
<li>Tommy Hilfiger</li>
<li>Burberry Brit Sheer</li>
<li>Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette</li>
<li>Bath and Body Works Midnight Path Eau de Toilette</li>
<li>GAP`s Blue</li>
<li>Lilu Perfume</li>
<li>Charlie Perfume</li>
<li>Lacome Miracle</li>
<li>Nollie Perfume</li>
<li>Jackpot Perfume</li>
<li>Rue by Rue 21</li>

I`ll be putting up individual reviews on each of them, so be on the lookout for those posts! :) I do prefer some perfumes more than others, so I`ll probably be doing those ones first. I`m most excited by the Viva La Juicy one, which I actually got from the Luuux shop a couple months ago! It`s great! :D

<strong>*Images are my own!*</strong>

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