My Penthouse

4 years ago

This was my home since January 2012.

One of my goals before I turned 23 was to afford to live in a Penthouse, which I accomplished. The plus side was that it was a new condo so there wasn`t much cleanup involved.

The downside is, it was a brand new condo.

From January to March, there as limited hot water so I had to take ice showers every morning, it was not fun.

Before the central A/C was turned on, the condo, because it was on the top floor, absorbed a lot of sunlight, causing it to hit up to 31 degrees celcius when it was only 24 degrees celcius outside. It was sickening.

Over the past two weeks, I`ve had no water, hot or cold, since Oct 19 and I believe it JUST got fixed now. I`m now trying to terminate my lease early and leave because I can`t live without water. It was pretty frustrating. The reasoning that I got was, because I was in the Penthouse, there was not enough water pressure reaching up to my floor, leading to water shortages.

At least I got one thing off my to-do list. For my next condo, I don`t feel like living in a Penthouse anymore.

Enough with my complaining though =P Let me show you guys around.

My living room was separated into two parts, one for working which is why you see the partition and one for gaming and yoga. I put the sofa right behind the desk since my monitor was a good HD one and I always streamed movies. The TV that I have was strictly for playing wii.

My bed is very coordinated. The frame is caramel brown, while the bed box was a nice beige. My linens were also caramel brown, which lead it to look like an ice cream sandwich. My duvet is from Ikea and it`s the cool duvets =) Everything in my bedroom matches, all the linens are from Ikea and they`re all white or beige. My pillowcases are from Boldloft, it`s the only time I would spend $30+ on a pillowcase. They just feel super comfortable.

I also have two electric keyboards on my night table. One that is Yamaha standard 88-key. I also have a 61-key Casio light-up keyboard. When you play a note, the note flashes red.

*photos are mine*


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