My Parents are Separating...

*pics are mine* Hey guys, I don`t know why but I just wanted to write about this. I hope you don`t mind. I just really feel like I need to talk to someone and everybody here is so judgmental. I won`t even earn Luuux$ for this, but I really need to talk about it.

My parents have been married for 30 years and for a long time now they`ve been so horrible to each other. We had a successful business before and it got bankrupt, so my father started drinking. My father is pretty possessive, so he`d keep on accusing my mom of cheating on him. Finally, I told them that if they kept on doing this, they`d be traumatizing my little brother (who is 9 yrs old) and they decided to separate.

Divorce isn`t legal here, and annulment is expensive, so they decided to stay legally married but go their separate ways. My father lost a lot of weight and he talked to me last night that he really did love my mother but he was just such a different person. I told him that we all love him, but at this time, it`s healthier to separate than to be together and keep hurting each other.

The irony of it is that Valentines day is just 2 days away.

I love them both, and I`m glad they decided to go their separate ways. They`ve been trying to make things work for a long time now, but when you don`t have trust, love isn`t enough.

Thanks for bothering to read this guys. So whoever still has married parents, don`t forget to be grateful.

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