My Own Starbucks GOLD Rewards Card!!!

5 years ago

I finally got the email saying that I am a gold member! I have been waiting for like 2 weeks to get the email to say that my card is on its way. I am so excited to receive it!

What is the Starbucks Gold Rewards Card? It`s basically a gift card that you just use at your Starbucks and you get a bunch of perks. You get free syrups, soy milk, refills, and more. you get most of these stuff with the green level, but with the gold level, you get a free drink after every 15 drinks, a customized cards, and special promos.

How do you get a Starbucks Gold Rewards Card? It`s simple you just get a preloaded gift card and then you go on the starbucks website and register the card. Then you simply just start using it and 30 stars later you are a gold member. Since I work at Starbucks and my siblings are always asking me to get them drinks at a discount I figure why not register for a card too. The great thing is the stars come with every swipes. So if your buying a $0.50 refill and you use your card you get a star! Soon enough it will all add up.

I really recommend those that go to Starbucks a lot to do go and register a card. I mean you get a bunch of perks with it. Oh and did I also mention that on your birthday with a register cards, you get a free drink any size and any kind!

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