My Origami Flower Ball

5 years ago

Hello everyone! Just last night when I was watching Love Rain (an amazing Korean drama) on my laptop, I was making and finished the flowerball which I showed in the picture above. I think its really cute and pretty, although I`ve made many other types of flower balls and origami before. I`ve made similar things before but I like this one because its the smallest flowerball I`ve ever made at 1.5 inches in diameter. I`m pretty much a DIY junkie and if I make anything myself instead of buying it, I will because its just SO fun to make things! :D I had fun working on it for two days and just finished it yesterday, the second day. Together, it took about 45 minues to make which is worth it since I multi- tasked and got to watch a drama while making it!

- Small Sticky Notes
- Hot Glue
- Any type of cord

The process was extremely easy: you just fold little petals, glue 5 of them together to make a flower, and glue 12 flowers together to make a flower ball. Since it requires many pieces that are exactly the same (the petals), the flower ball is considered a type of modular origami which requires many of the same pieces. Since there were 12 flowers and 5 petals in each flower, I had to make a grand total of 60 flowers which was really repetitive to make but was totally worth the satisfaction at the end. I`m not going to expain the whole process (search on Google "Make Origami Flower Ball" to learn) but I can say with confidence that even if you`re not an origami freak like me, this should be fairly easy since it doesn`t require tricky folds, only patience!

I`m really enjoying this and I`m planning to make a few more (maybe solid or pastel colored ones) and hanging them from lights and such as house decor which would be really cute.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever made or seen these before?

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