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3 years ago

This weekend i was feeling like making&having some dessert using oreos, so I thought about making a oreo cheesecake. I had seen some online before, but those were always baked and the ones im used to having and making are no-bake cheesecakes (I do need to try the baked ones).

So i took the general cheesecake recipe and added some oreo awesomeness to it :D Its actually simple to make, even though there are quite a few ingredients and process, its nothing too complex and that you can definitely try.

Here is what you need:
Oreos I used about 14 for the base, 6 to crush in the filling and some extra for the decoration
50g butter
200g of cream cheese
1 can of condensed milk (300 and something ml)
200ml of heavy cream
5 leafs/sheets of gelatin
100ml milk

For the chocolate topping ( optional)
Equal parts of dark chocolate and cream I used 100/100g

1 - Put the gelatin in water and then start to separate the oreos from their white filling (save the white filling) and start crushing them
2- Take the necessary amount to cover the diameter of the base you will be using and save the rest ( after while start to take the oreos as part as you need them so you dont crush oreos then you have to to). After figuring out how much you will be using, melt the butter and take it off the heat, then add the crumbled oreo cookies and mix well.
3- Put that in the fridge to harden while you do the rest.
4- After the gelatin has been in water for around 5 minutes, heat up the milk and then remove the gelatin from the water and mix it with the milk to dissolve
5- Beat the heavy cream for around 2 minutes and then add the cream cheese, condensed milk and the gelatin/milk mixture. Let it mix together well and then start adding some oreos to it and be free to use what amount you prefer.
6- Check on the oreo base you put and the fridge and see if it has cooled down and harden, and if so you can now pour the cheesecake mixture on to it and take it to the fridge.
7- Let it set it on the fridge for a few hours and it will be done and ready to enjoy =D

In terms of decoration, you can use just oreos in a similar way I used, or just crush some more oreos and sprinkle them on top. I do recommend make a chocolate gananche like I did, it makes it much better and its simple. Just melt equals parts of cream and dark chocolate, let it cool down a bit and put it over the cheesecake after it has been in the fridge for some hours and its stiffer.

As you can see, it involves some ingredients and steps, but its not overly complicated and its worth the time you spent on it!

Hope you get to make this and enjoy it! If you have any question about the recipe, feel free to ask.

Have you made cheesecake before? What about oreo cheesecake: ever had it or made it?
Do you usually have/see more baked cheesecakes or no bake cheesecakes? I have seen a lot more recipes for baked cheesecake that I thought I would, I always assumed they didnt have to be baked.

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