My opinion that needs to be heard.

No one in this world should be bullied or made fun of. It leads up to really bad things. Kids commit suicide over it and have low self esteem. Everyone needs to at least stop for a moment and stop thinking about themselves and think about those who are being hurt physically and verbally. You focus on yourself too much to notice people are hurting and sometimes you notice you caused someone to be hurt by just calling them a name. Just one word, a hundred times worse. If they have had enough they would stand up for themselves but if you push them back down and think your boss and think your the top boss. They will do something. They will give up on themselves and give up on life, The life that God gave them to live a joyful happy life. Once they do go, you notice you never meant anything you meant it as a joke. Well you`re too late they`re gone and now you`re looked at as the one for the cause of them commiting sucicde. Now how does that feel? Dont be hurting people, help out and stop it because God didnt give us life to hate and ruin other peoples lifes he gave us life to enjoy and to love. Thank you for taking your time and hearing what I had to say.

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