My Opinion about Luuux!!!

Hello to everyone who uses the Luuux. I also think that the Luuux has many good things!First of all I wanted to say that I posted this post not to complain about the operation of the Luuux, but to give my opinion! This post is directed primarily to LUUUX moderation Team! Meant they did not quite agree with the rules, why the post is removed? .... give us so much work to do! And why is that when we posted a post give us only seven Luuux? Why Shop at before there were more things for sale and not now? Why things are so expensive in the shop? Here .... We`ve been trying to collect points for some reason should be .... perhaps because we do not have money to go to a store and buy these products! .. .. Maybe! .... In my opinion I think they should lower the price of things they sell in the shop, I liked having some of the things that been there but with the points that I can not buy anything, and then also when able to buy something, I will have to be again to post, post and post to win and only 7 Luuux! I thank those who read it! And again this is no complaint, but rather an expression!

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