My Notebook Collection from Daiso

5 years ago

Anyone that knows me well knows that I like to hoard stationery and office supplies. One of my favourite places to go for cute notebooks, pens, erasers, etc. is Daiso. For those of you who don`t know, Daiso is a chain of Japanese discount stores, and I am fortunate enough to have one in my area! All the notebooks in the photo about were no more than $2, if I recall correctly.

You can get all sorts of things with cute, kitschy designs on them at Daiso, and the notebooks they carry are no exception! There are a lot of really cute animal-themed notebooks, though they have lots of cute food-themed notebooks, too. For example, my favourite notebook in the photo above is the one with all the pastries on it. I love to bake, so I used that one for recipes! There`s also a notebook with cats on it, one with grafitti-style art on it, and one with a rabbit on it (though you can`t see it - it`s covered in the photo, sorry!). There is often text on them, too - usually in English, but I have found ones with Italian on them, for example!

It may seem kind of childish, but I do like my notebooks to be fun and cute. I`ve actually purchased some as gifts for kids, along with scented erasers, and they love them! So even if you are more mature than me and they aren`t your thing, they are great gift ideas for kids! XD

<strong>Is there anything that you like to collect?</strong>

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