My Nose Piercing Experience.

4 years ago

To start off, I got my nose pierced at Merle Norman, in my local mall. They pierced it with a gun (and yes, I realize you`re not supposed to get anything except your earlobes pierced with a gun, but I am 15. Where I live, you aren`t legally able to get pierced with a needle until your sixteen, even with parent consent, or until you`re 18, without any parent consent. Also, getting your nose pierced with a gun is less dangerous than getting your ear cartilage pierced with a gun, because the nose cartilage is softer.)
They used a disposable gun, so there is no problems with sterilization.
It felt just like getting your ears pierced, so it just felt like a pinch.
Your eyes WILL run. It`s a sinus thing, there`s no way to stop it, so I would suggest light make-up and/or waterproof mascara!
The pierce it with a large stud that has nothing on the end to hold it in your nose, so they recommend you to be extra careful when showering or washing your face, also they suggested sleeping with a small circular band aid on the stud.
They will give you a bottle of cleaning solution, a new stud, and spray bottle(opt.)
After two days you will change the piercing stud out for the new stud. The new stud has a small ball on the inside to keep it from coming out of your nose.
You are supposed to clean it twice a day.
They take anywhere from one to three months to heal, with proper daily cleansing and care.
Anything I didn`t answer? Comment with any questions and i`ll comment back!
Hopefully this helps!

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