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YEAAAAAH! (: I Finally Got My First Louis Vuitton Bag(; Im So Happy & Excited! I Love this bag. So My Boyfriend Got this for me for our 2 years of being together(; Well its next month but i couldn`t wait & Got it this month which is a year and 11 months. but still almost lol and he said i can get it today so i was super duper happy about it. I love him oh so mucho! with the story i been wanting this bag since forever now and i just never save up money for it i can`t save i don`t know why like if i see something i had to buy it or if its a good deal i just get it ERR! Bad addiction shopping&makeup is killing our bank account haha. but im lucky my boyfriend graduated as a accountant(; & he keeps track of all our money and what we spend and everything which is so good because im so bad at it but yeah so he knew i been wanting this purse and he finally told me like last week i was going to surprise you but i know you want a LV bag so that will be your 2 years gift ! i was like REALLY Yeah!! haha so happy as you can tell! and so this week we got it and i was so leaning towards the louis vuitton damier canvas in white and gray but the sales lady told me its more work and harder to maintain because it is white and that since its my first LV bag that i should get this one . I also was looking at The Neverfull MM or Neverfull GM bag as well but i didn`t like how it has no zipper or closing and its just way easy for someone to like grab something in your purse or whatever but i love how big it was and its a big tote bag and the MM was the perfect size but the GM just blow me away but my boyfriend said he loves this one and i did to but in white but the store didn`t have it in speedy 35 in white so i pass on it and im happy i did because im clumsy and would not want to drop it! so we got this one and my hearts sank when we ring up but my boyfriend loves me and said its ok and that since im getting this no more make-up crazy shopping!! REALLY! OMG -___- Well he said just for a while but maybe here and there but not all out so i was happy i know he knows how much i wanted this and he got it for me and its just shows my boyfriend is crazy and thoughtful and instead of him buying a bigger flat screen instead or the new ipad 3 he got this and im so thankful(; So the this bag is called
louis vuitton damier canvas speedy 35 i wish they had a speedy 40 in this style but they don`t ;/ they have it only for the regular LV design in speedy 40 but it was way to big and happy we picked this plus the sales lady was telling me this is the best one for me so after all this searching for what kind of LV purse i wanted and after a while i finally got it and now im a happy camper even though no more make-up i have new ones i have still that i haven`t open and this just gives me a chance to do more make-up look and play with my make-up that i already have(;

What do you think about this bag?
Isn`t my Boyfriend the sweetest(;
What is your favorite LV Bag?
Let me Know(;


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