My newest website addiction!

Hey, So I have been using this for a while now, and wanted to be 100% about it before giving any kind of review, and now that I have, I must say that I am very surprised! And totally addicted to it now! Swagbucks really is a very good site, and since I use the internet for so much, it seemed to make sense to at least try it out after hearing so much. So what I pretty much do it this: I use the search engine for all of my random searches, and when I want to watch youtube videos, I just search for whatever on there and then click videos and it gives me all the same stuff, `cept I constantly get points for it. I do the same thing for images and whatever comes up. I also like the swag TV a lot, their fashion channel is amazing, and as far as I`ve seen, they`re videos are pretty exclusive, They have runway make up tutorials, and stuff that really blew my mind. This one video on making female models look more androgynous or masculine was pretty trippy. And yeah, they`re swagstore has some pretty cool stuff. The points add up super quick, you can get a $5 amazon card in like a day (literally) So if you arn`t signed up yet, I would highly recommend the site (and everyone I know knows how skeptical I am of EVERYTHING! So yeah, check it out. I`ll leave a link to get you started with some points :) fashion

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