My new wallet!

5 years ago

I`ve been hunting for a new wallet,Last month i bought a gummy bear wallet from Sanrio, so of course it was hello kitty .I`ve never own a hello kitty and i was so excited when i bought it.The wallet of hello kitty cost me about 30$ plus tax which was around 37$.I`ve used it a lot so it started getting a little bit ugly and it got ruined,well it`s not that bad.Today i went with my mom to dds (again).

She didn`t want to drive because she had problems with her eye so i took her to dds.We normally go to the closets one ,but this time we went to the farthest one.When we got there it seemed really lonely,because there weren`t any cars only like 6 .When we went into the store everything looked very organized.The dds closest to our home is very unorganized (which i hate because there`s always clothes on the floor.

On the store we went looked very put together.My mom wanted to see the clothes so we went there first she bought like 5 shirts for summer and they were really cute .I didn`t buy anything because they weren`t my style,but i did buy a shirt for my little sister (i hope she likes it).

I went to the purses section again because i wanted to see if they had new bags (but they didn`t)=(I have been obsessed with bags lately.I didn`t see the ones i wanted but what caught my eye were the wallets.I only have like one pair of wallets and that`s not good for me lol .

I always wanted a wallet that had squares, and i found the one .This wallet cost me 2.99$ which is 3$,it was actually 6 $ not bad for a wallet.What i like about this wallet is that it doesn`t look cheap and the material looks awesome!!Hope this wallet last me more longer than the other one.What do you think of my new wallet?pink is also one of my favorite colors of all time.Who doesn`t love pink ? =D

**pictures are mine**

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