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5 years ago

i got this fossil wallet for myself as a birthday present yesterday when i was shopping with my friends in san francisco. this is my new OBSESSION! i`m absolutely in love with this wallet. i`ve had my eye on it for a while on the fossil website, and i finally went in and checked it out in person yesterday! it was even better in person *.* i had contemplated getting another model that was longer and bigger, but i liked how this one could hold just as much (if not more!) and was a lot smaller! it seriously expands to hold just about anything you could possibly stuff in it.

for reference, this is the FOSSIL MADDOX MULTIFUNCTION wallet in the color rose!

I LOVE THE COLOR, first of all. it`s coral. the guy in the store described it as pink, but COME ON GIRLS: we know this is straight up coral! it`s lovely. it`s gorgeous. it`s perfect.

secondly, it has a billion card compartments for my billions of cards. LOVE! i tried to organize my cards by discount cards/credit & debit cards/stamp cards but that was kinda unsuccessful because then i have random stuff like my insurance card, prescription card, and library card... oh well! haha i guess i`ll just have to look a little for the different cards but that`s not a big deal.

there are TWO compartments for bills which i think is awesome because then i have one compartment for actual bills and another for receipts and that kind of cool stuff. LOVE that!

and finally there`s a nice little zip pocket for my coins. just a standard zip pocket. i do wish this could open up more so i could stuff more coins in there but i guess this is forcing me to use up my change instead of carrying around three pounds` worth of nickels and pennies!

I DON`T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. I AM IN LOVE! it`s perfect. and for a wallet made of genuine leather, $45 + tax is not that expensive at all! it`s definitely an investment as i`ve never spent this much on a wallet ever, but it`s something i think will last me a very long time and will be worth it in the long haul.

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