My new toy...great for labeling!

4 years ago

Last year my little sister wanted a label maker so she specifically told me she wanted the Dymo Letratag label maker. I asked her what she`s planning to label. All she said were her belongings, stuff! Lol She had hers for almost 8 months already! This is when I come in since some of you know that last month I bought nail wheels. I wanted to keep update with my nails so that`s why I picked those up! I know a lot of people labels their nail wheels with a permanent marker. I didn`t want to so I went ahead and use the labels for it. Looks clear, better!

This is the Dymo LetraTag I recently bought for myself. I wanted my own because I used almost of my little sister labels. Lmao You ladies don`t know how excited I was when I first used this. It`s a very easy gadget to use too! All you need to do is turn it on by pressing the Red button. If you want them in caps or lowercase press the button by the Blue button. The Blue button is the numbers button. After you typed your word, numbers just press "print" on the right hand corner. It will easily print out the hole I labeled in the last picture. Then press where the scissor is located to cut the label. That`s it! Simple huh? Oh! I paid $17 something for this at Walmart. Check out the design post on how I labeled my nail wheels. Rawr.

1. How do you label your nail wheels?
2. Do you own a label maker machine?

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