My New Sunglasses amp Case

4 years ago

Hi everyone. I wanted to share with you this new pair of sunglasses I had just bought today. I had needed a new one since I didn`t really like the old one I had and I forgot where I put it. I drive and the sun always gets in my eye to the point where I can`t see what`s in front or to the right side of me. And that is very dangerous. So I decided to go to Ross and check out their sunglasses. I tried on at least 15 pairs before I decided upon this one. I originally almost got one by Calvin Klein for $14.99 but I didn`t quite like the frame cause it was brownish with black spects. Another reason was I preferred the shape of this pair than the Calvin Klein one. So this one that I got is by the brand XOXO. The lengs are kinda big but not like huge. And on the sides it has the letters XOXO. I got this for $7.99. Then of course I had to look for a case for my new sunglasses. I ended up getting this black one with white swirly designs. I wish there was a polka dot one cause I would`ve gotten that one instead. I`ve seen those a couple months ago but they didn`t have it anymore. So I ended up getting this one and it was only $3.99. They had another one in the same print but the colors were beige with black swirls. I think this one looked better. I might go back later on and see if they have any other new cases in and maybe get another pair of sunglasses to change cause I get bored wearing the same pair of sunglasses over and over. So what do you think of my new sunglasses and glasses case?

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