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4 years ago

So I recently had an orthdontist appointment and I they told me I could FINALLY get my braces off! I was super excited because my teeth have been super straight for over a year now and they wouldn`t take my braces off. Random strangers would ask me all of the time why I had my braces on because nothing was wrong with my teeth, but anyway (that was my mini rant about braces) as soon as I get my braces off I want to start whitening them and I was wondering if you guys have used anything that wored super well. Of course there`s colgate whitening strips, but those get expensive and I heard they don`t work well. I also heard to rub strawberries on my teeth or use Lush`s whitening "toothy tabs". I just didn`t know if there was a more effective way that I didn`t know about.
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